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Ramy Moisturizeing Face Wash

Product name: Ramy Moisturizeing Face Wash

: Remy Moiseschrising Faces

Category: Facewas

Slogan: Natural quality fountain

Active ingredients of the product: orangle extract, vitamin-E, diethylene, glycerol.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Ornamental lemon extract made from natural saplings in the form of skin keeps the normal humidity of the skin.
  • Brilliant gold jewelery brings the skin.
  • Increasing blood on the skin.
  • Vitamin E regenerates the skin of the skin.

Usage: Apply on wet face, then gently

Rotate the massage until the foam. Cold water

Wash your face with it. 3-8 times a day for good results Use.

Pack size: 70 ml Lamy tube.

Supply channel: Cosmetics and groceries etc.