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Ramy Chap Stick

Product Name: Ramy Chap Stick

Category: Leap Care.

Slogan: Just for your sweet lips.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Ramee Chapstick’s (Food and Drug Administration) recognized.
  • It contains jozaba oil which will keep your dry lip in the cold winter, soft and smooth.
  • There is also more cocoa butter, which ensures that your lips are fully cared for.
  • Ramee Chapsty does not have to deal with harm.
  • Ramee Chapstick has been using Food grade color and flavors which will keep you free of unhealthy health risks.

Terms of Use
Modern Twit Tubes, Remy Chapsticks can be easily put together, so choose your favorite flavored remi chapstick and smile.

Pack Size: 4.5g Twist Tube