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Spot Cleaner Cream HARBAL

Product name: Bahaq spot cleaner cream

Category Face Care Cream

Slogans: are filled with creamy whole cream

Authorized Authorization.

Product active ingredients:

Sour seed, steric acid, glycerin

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Rami Cosmetics subsidiary is a Herbal product of Creation Pharmaceuticals approved by the Drug Authority.
  • The sale and validation of any of the pharmacies, including the Homoeo Shop, is valid.
  • Removes any black spots on the skin, which are made in more effective formula, canvas, turmeric, spring spots.

Terms of Use

After washing your face with blame of any flavor of your choice, you must gently massage the radii spray cleaner skin.

Regularly exercise before morning and night.

Pack size: 50 gram tube 50 g pot Container.

Supply channel: homeophone, grocery and cosmetics etc.