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Ramy Spot Cleaner Cream QUOTA BIG

Product name: Ramy Spot cleaner cream.
Category: Face Karera Cream

Slopan: The unique spot cleaner cream in Bangladesh.

Active ingredients of the product: steric, tetanium dioxide,

Zinc oxide, dynamite, mineral oil.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Any black spots, spring (hydraulic) stains, cut spots, motherhood
    Stained marks, women’s stains, and black spots on the waist
    Keeps the tartak soft, smooth and fancy.
  • The first half cream of Bangladesh.
  • Useful for all seasons.
  • There is no side effect.
  • Men can also use.
  • Can be used as a common cream.
  • It contains the sun cream agent which protects the skin from the violet rays of the sun.

Usage rules: Blimey of any flavors you like.

After washing the face with facial, the amount of radiation spray cleaner skin will be gently massageed.

Regularly exercise before morning and night.

Pack size: 50 grams and 100 gram tubes and zar container.

Supply channel: homeophone, grocery and cosmetics etc.