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Ramy Cool Cool Prickly Heat Powder

Product name: Ramy Cool Cool powder

Category: Skin powder

The slogan: In the hot summer, there is a lot of humor.

Active ingredients in the product:

300 Mash Purified Tallak, Magnetic Carbonate, Kink Oxide, Titanium-Dioxide, Benzike Acid, Alcohola Powder, Irgason DP-300, Menthol

Product Features & Benefits:

The body absorbs and Surabha spreads.
Mentholle which gives a feeling of extreme heat.
Aloe vera powder keeps the skin smooth.

Irpatam Digi -300 keeps the skin alive and free from sweating.
No type of damaging material.

Usage rules: Use a comfortable after shower for a feeling of warmth before sleeping.

Pack size: 100 grams of zeroes

Supply channel: groceries, cosmetics, etc.