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It Removes Acne, Freckle, Masta, Machanical spot, Pox’s spot & any kinds of Black spot. It...

Face Wash

We produce different types of Face wash like Ramy Oil Balance Face Wash, Ramy Deep Cleansing Face...


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Ramy Spot Cleaner Cream Quota

Product name: Ramy Spot cleaner cream. Category: Face Karera Cream Slopan: The unique spot cleaner cream in Bangladesh. Active ingredients of the product: steric, tetanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, dynamite, mineral oil. Product Features & Benefits: Any black spots, spring (hydraulic) stains, cut spots, motherhood Stained marks,...Read more


Name: Ramy Spot Less Fairness Cream Category Face Cream Slogan: Take a special finesse to enjoy this one. Active ingredients of the product: lemon extract, cucumber, aloe vera extract, vitamin-E, dynamite. Benefits and disadvantages 1. Remy Brand’s Best Fine, New Addition Rummy Spot Nace Cream 2. Removes black spots and uneven...Read more

Ramy Mesta Guard

Product name: Ramy Mesta Guard Category Face Cream Cream Slopan: Increase the beauty through cure healing. Active active ingredients of the product: AlanToole, Zinc Oxide. Product Features & Benefits: Vitamin "is rich, which nourishes the skin. 100% confirmation of meals. The sun's harmful Ultra Violet Protects the skin...Read more

Ramy Chap Stick

Product Name: Ramy Chap Stick Category: Leap Care. Slogan: Just for your sweet lips. Product Features & Benefits: Ramee Chapstick's (Food and Drug Administration) recognized. It contains jozaba oil which will keep your dry lip in the cold winter, soft and smooth. There is also more cocoa butter, which ensures that your lips...Read more